Inspire yourself to create a beautiful garment of your choice

Be inspired from the beautiful garments on The Great British Sewing Bee 2019

The Great British Sewing Bee came back to our TV’S in February of this year and it has inspired many people who sew to continue to do so. They were just ordinary people with a passion for sewing they learnt so much as they progressed through their journey on The Great British Sewing Bee they rose to the challenges that was set for them by the judges. In the final the last three finalists were totally different to each other in the way they tackled the final challenges and the results they achieved were amazing and very inspiring to everyone that loves sewing, designing and also creating something from a suggestion given to them from the judges. They produced they produced some beautiful strapless evening gowns for their final garment which wouldn’t look out of place on the fashion catwalks and they should be very proud of their achievements.  This is what you can achieve if you come and join us at The Couture Charlee studios our tutors will help you use the skills you have and inspire you to create beautiful garments that you will enjoy creating. We will guide you through from the beginning to the end of whatever you choose to make. So why not take a look at our store page and choose a course that inspires you or one you love to do. You can also just come to our chat and sew groups on a weekly basis and meet likeminded people and make new friends whilst you sew.

Enrol on one of our pattern cutting or sewing courses, come and learn in a lovely friendly atmosphere.

Master every aspect of couture with one of our special, scheduled, short courses aimed at those who are beginners within the sewing world to connoisseurs of fashion.  They range from 2-hour, short, snap-shot courses to in depth 3-5 day courses.
Patterns and cutting
There is a custom made pattern cutting table for cutting out your garments and creating patterns, it is high enough to work at whilst standing or whilst sitting on the high stools. You do not need to bring any equipment with you as it is all provided for you
Sewing and Designing
The sewing and design studio has four sewing machines and all the sewing equipment you will need to complete your course. This studio is also used for my design courses, when the sewing machines and equipment will be put away and everything you will need for your design course will be put into place.
The Couture Charlee Studios
The Couture Charlee Studio is based in a small village in Cambridgeshire, England. We have a sewing & design studio and a  pattern cutting area which has a custom built cutting table. In the studio there are also ironing boards, steam irons and specialist  pressing equipment. The overlocking area has four domestic overlockers.  Also in this area there is a computer available, with internet accesss.
There is also  a lounge where you can relax when you take a break and a recreation area under a gazebo in the garden for use when the weather is warmer.
Rest and relaxation
There are two areas where you can have a break, outside under the gazebo (summer only) or in the lounge area. It is always good to take a break it gives you renewed enthusiasm to continue with your project and time to chat with other like minded people about how you are progressing with your project.

Come along and enjoy learning new skills

We have wonderful short courses for beginners to gain the skills needed in any of the areas that they choose. We also have intermediate and advanced courses for students who would love to gain more skills or refresh the skills they already have. There are 3 day connoisseur courses for students who want to advance their skills on a specific subject or types of garment.

Couture Charlee  Sewing courses, Pattern cutting courses and Design courses in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Our studios are based in Cambridgeshire  we will welcome complete beginners right through to experienced people who want to improve their skills . Our courses cover design, pattern designing and sewing, from basic right through to Haute Couture.

Pattern cutting and fit

Design and fit

Sewing of the garment

The pattern cutting courses range from the basics of how to take the correct measurements and how to create a personal block for yourself, through to making an original pattern from your own design. It will also teach you how to trace off patterns from garments which you have in your wardrobes. Please press the button below to view our courses.
The design courses cover all aspects of design and fit, from orginal designs through to redesigning the clothes in your wardrobe. How to use different fabrics and notions to create an original design from your commercial pattern or from your own pattern. Please press the button below to view our courses.
The sewing courses will teach you how to sew and finish your garment to a couture and professional standard. They will also teach beginners how to start with the basics and work their way through to the highest standards. Please press the button below to view our courses.

Have you caught the design and sewing bug yet...?

Would you like to master every aspect of couture and produce a beautiful and professional finish to everything you make?

"The Basic Principles of Design"  is a 1-day course which covers the basic principles of designing your own garment even when you use a commercial pattern, by choosing the correct weights of fabrics, complementary notions and being bold enough to be able to mix colours and textures which you wouldn’t normally use.
  1. Design and fit courses-
    Come to one of our 3-day connoisseur courses like Design and Fit a Classic Coco Chanel Jacket, which is a specialist course which covers one of the most iconic jackets the world has ever seen. You will make your own pattern for the jacket and you will change the design just slightly to make it your own. You will also choose fabrics and notions to enhance the design. Please press the button below to choose and book one of our courses.
  2. Pattern cutting and fit courses
    Come to our pattern cutter taster day - skirt block to toile, design and cut, create your own personal skirt block pattern and design a skirt for yourself in just one day . Or if you prefer, do our perfect fit course which will teach you how to take measurements correctly and how to do fittings and toiles and why . Please press the button below to choose and book one of our courses.
  3. Sewing courses
    Learn how to sew using a commercial pattern. This is a 2- day course doing a sewing project from a pattern I will provide you with. I will teach you how to use your commercial pattern correctly and show you how to take your measurements. I will teach how to choose the correct fabric and notions and then how to cut and sew the garment. Please press the button below to choose and book one of our courses
  4. Course information
    There are three types of these courses. The first one is called a In a Nutshell Course which is half a day on Fridays only from 9am-1pm and then there is the Snap Shot Course which is a one day course from 10am-4pm on specified dates. I also offer a specialist three to five day course which is called The Connoisseur Course which is for the more advanced student. These courses cover the finer points of either design, pattern cutting, fit, sewing and finishes. Please press the button to choose and book one of our courses.