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I have worked within the Haute Couture trade for over twenty years and I can teach you many different skills from the vast array I have learnt throughout my career. I am a pattern designer by trade and I also have the sewing skills required to produce garments to an Haute Couture standard. I offer tuition to people who would like to learn how to produce beautiful designs to a haute couture finish. I also teach beginners who would would like to learn new skills and make beautiful garments.

Haute couture training at your fingertips.

My name is Diane Labouré
We welcome anyone who would like to go on one of our courses at our studios in Cambridgeshire from complete beginners through to the intermediate to the more advanced. We will guide you when you need guidence and nurture your skills so you can improve the skills you already have. So have a look through the website and take a look at our wonderful courses which will inspire you.
My design courses are for people who want to fully understand how the art of design is so intergral to someone who wants to make their own clothes. So I provide courses which cover  the Principles of design which is a 1 day course that  will cover the basic principles of designing your own garment even when you use a commercial pattern by choosing the correct weights of fabrics, complementary notions and being bold enough to be able to mix colours and textures which you wouldn’t normally use.
My pattern cutting courses are for people who want to learn how to create a pattern from their own measurements. You will start with a basic skirt block pattern and then you will make a toile which is the pattern sewn up in calico to make sure it fits you. You then transfer any alterations to the basic skirt block. The final stage is to create a design from your basic block and then make another toile to ensure it is the correct design before you go ahead and make it in the fabric of your choice. You can go on to do more complex basic blocks and intricate designs.
My sewing courses are for people who want to learn all aspects of sewing from the complete beginner to the more advanced. You can choose from my many different courses and if you are unsure if you would be able to do a particular course I would be happy to give you advice. I would advise the complete beginner to start with a really simple pattern like an unlined skirt. The more advanced can choose whatever they feel comfortable with or, because you will have my guidance, you could go out of your comfort zone and I will be happy to guide you.
It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or a more advanced student,  I will work with you to achieve your goals and aspirations. I will guide  you through each process of the course  that you choose to do . You will gain confidence by your own achievements .

Turn your dream design into reality

Below are pictures of one of the workrooms I use mainly for sewing. This is a lovely bright conservatory. If the conservatory is too hot through the summer months, my courses are run in the gazebo/marquee in the garden. I also have a rest area under the other gazebo where you can have a lovely cool drink or a refreshing cup of tea.
I have an ironing and cutting room and a room where the overlockers are set up. These are all small home overlockers so please don't panic about using them.
I will provide you with all the equipment you will need for any one of the categories of course available to you. This includes the smaller equipment like pins, scissors etc. The paper for pattern cutting is also included in the price and the samples of fabrics and any art equipment you may need for the design category.
You will however have to provide your own fabrics, patterns and notions on certain courses but this will be written in the course description and in the welcome pack you will receive from us, you can contact me to ask advice before  attending the course, if you so require.
You can also choose to bring your own equipment like sewing machine and overlocker, if you would like to get used to using your own equipmentthis is usually on how to thread your sewing machine or your overlocker courses. Please contact me if you would like to do this.

Hello I am Diane Labouré

Beautiful gowns
and dresses

I have designed, pattern cut and made these two dresses plus many many more. The bridesmaid dress to the left was made from dupion pure silk and has a full netted peticoat and is overlaid in a pretty floral pure silk fabric. 
The bridal gown to the right had a boned bodice with off the shoulder sleeves which was made from ivory dupion purse silk which was embroidered in gold. The skirt of the dress was very full and had box pleats at the waist. To give the skirt a beautiful fullness at the bottom I made a double layered cotton petticoat which had three layers of marquette net at different heights to give what is called a kick petticoat. This gives the dress a A-line rather than a full puffed out skirt.

Diane Labouré

  1. Make and fit the toile
    Make and fit the toile
    Cut out your pattern in a cheaper fabric and make it up into a tolie this allows you to make sure you have the correct fit and make any chages you would like to your design. You then transfere any changes to your orginal pattern before cutting it out in your choosen fabric.
  2. Start with the Design
    Start with the Design
    Draw your beautiful design and choose the fabrics and colours you would like it to be made in
  3. Create the pattern
    Create the pattern
    Now you will need to take all your required measurements and create a basic block and then go on to create the pattern for your wonderful design.
  4. Create the design
    Create the design
    Fianlly make up yur design in the fabric of your choice and you have the most original design you ever have. You will never se anyone else in your design and it will have been totally designed amde by you what fantasic acheivement.
  1. Recreation area
    Recreation area
    When the lovely weather comes we spend our breaks under the wonderful gazebo in the garden or if you are a sunlover at the the garden table.
  2. Sewing studio
    Sewing studio
    The sewing studio is in the conservatory and beautiful bright and airey room where you can sew your garments and chat with wonderful like minded people, if it gets too hot in the summer months we go outside in the marque or under the gazebo to do uour sewing
  3.  Pattern studio
    Pattern studio
    Our pattern area is in the kitchen where you have full use of the work tops as well as our 6ft x 4ft pattern cutting table which is at a height where you can stand to cut your patterns and your fabric too . It is also on wheels which have brakes so you can bring it away fro the wall giving you the freedom to walk all the around it to access your work. There are stools so you can sit too which is handy when you are designing patterns.
  4. Overlocking area
    Overlocking area
    This in the dinning room where there are four overlockers to use and a desk area too. Where you can access the internet if you need to.