Craft courses

Craft courses coming soon!

We shall be doing some fun craft courses in the summer months just on three days a week instead of the five days we normally do. We shall be doing rag dolls, fancy dress for adults and children, tool rolls, sewing machine covers, and overlocker covers. See below for the ribbon weaving courses we already doing.
We shall also be making different types of bags and kindness monsters that keep your children's worries and make them go away by tucking them in his little pocket and taking them away.

Ribbon weaving is easy
Ribbon weaving is a relly easy and enjoyable skill to learn for both adults and children.
Different types of ribbons
You can choose the types and colours of ribbon you want to use and you can also incorporate differnt kinds of lace and trims too.
Ribbon weaving kits
Ribbon weaving courses
 There is a ribbon weaving course if you are interested on Friday 9th March at 10am -1pm. This course will teach you how to do ribbon weaving and then help you make a cushion from the piece of ribbon weaving you have made.
You also buy a ribbon weaving kit from my store which will contain 10 different ribbons, softboard, drawing ins and instructions. Which all the you will need to start ribbon weaving in the comfort of your own home.
  1. Pencil case
    Pencil case
    This is a great as a small bag or a pencil case it can hold quite a lot and is easy to make too.
  2. Using wired ribbon
    Using wired ribbon
    This is a make-up bag made with wired ribbons to give the bag stiffness.
  3. Make-up bag
    Make-up bag
    The inside of the make-up bage was lined with a gorgeous purple satin.
  4. Pencil case or small bag
    Pencil case or small bag
    My six year old grand daughter made this with me and she chose to line it with a lovely fun gingham fabric