The Love and art of designs and sewing

It is such a wonderful feeling to design and create your own clothes and  clothes for other people too.  We do courses to suit a complete beginner right through to courses for the more advanced person within the sewing world, so please come and enjoy one of our courses and have a wonderful time enjoying  the things you love to do. Please take a look at the gallery below which will show you some of the garments my students have made and some that I have made.
We don’t just make garments we do many other crafts and upholstery projects too
A lot of my regular students love to try their hand at different sewing projects like upholstery, cushions, soft toys, bags, table runners, table mats, and much more please take a look at some of the different projects they have done.
  1. Cushions
  2. Upolstery
  3. Handbags
  4. Soft toys
    Soft toys
  1. High stool
    High stool
  2. Ribbon weaving
    Ribbon weaving
  3. Fancy dress
    Fancy dress
  4. Memory creatures
    Memory creatures
  1. Sammi's first sewing project
    Sammi's first sewing project
    Sammi is my youngest daughter and up unti a few years ago has not had any interest in sewing at all. But when she had her little girl she decided she would like to learn how to make dresses for her little girl. This the first dress she has made and I think it is a lovely little dress.
  2. Bridesmaid dress by Diane Laboure
    Bridesmaid dress by Diane Laboure
    This is a beautiful bridesmaid dress from one of my designs. The over skirt is made of pure silk floral taffetta and the under skirt of the dress is made in a contrast fabric is pure silk dupion. It alsomhas as netted half peticoat underneathe the main skirt of the dress which makes the skirt stand out.
  3. Sandra's tailors jacket
    Sandra's tailors jacket
    Sandra is one of my regular advanced students aand she made a fully lined tailored jacket this is the first time she has made a tailored jacket and I was really pleased with the finished garment. She has achieved a wonderful jacket which is finished to very high stand and I very proud of what she has achieved.
  4. Chris's winter shift dress
    Chris's winter shift dress
    Chris came to my courses as a complete beginner and now she is making beuatiful garments like this winter dress and a great job she has done too.
  1. Daisy dress and jacket
    Daisy dress and jacket
    This is a very simple t-shirt dress with a white shrug jacket which I made up to complment my summer wardrobe. The dress is made of jersey and the kimono jacket is made from chiffon it is a very comfortable outfit.
  2. Sandra's winter coat
    Sandra's winter coat
    After Sandra had made her jacket she decided to do a winter coat so I guided her through the process and as you can see she has done a brilliant job.
  3. Hand painted silk Manderin Dress
    Hand painted silk Manderin Dress
    This is a hand painted oriental style dress with a mandarin collar which I made for one of my fashion shows that I did to raise money for charity. I have hand painted onto the silk at the front to give it a unique design touch
  4. New gazebo cover and new patio cushions
    New gazebo cover and new patio cushions
    The cover on my gazebo in the garden got damaged in a storm so I had to make a new one and I also made the cushion covers for the rattan sofas too.
  1. Haute couture bridal gown which I made for one of my many customers
    Haute couture bridal gown which I made for one of my many customers
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  2. Haute couture bridesmaid dress
    Haute couture bridesmaid dress
    I was asked by the bride to make three bridesmaid dresses to the same design as her own wedding dress. She wanted them to be done in a completely different type of fabric to her own dress which ivory taffeta shot throug with shimmer of pink. To create the same effect of the pink shimmering through I chose white embroidery anglais with cerise pink underneath which made the dresses look as if they were pink but they were not.
  3. Reupholestered chair
    Reupholestered chair
    I have reupholstered this dining room chair for my sewing studios I have reupholstered four of these chairs in this lovely fresh strwberry fabric.
  4. The back of a haute couture bridle gown and briedsmaid dress which I made for a charity fashion show
    The back of a haute couture bridle gown and briedsmaid dress which I made for a charity fashion show
    This is a Haute couture bridal gown it is made of pure silk patterned dupion and pure sik taffeta for the bodice which has been hand embroidered with beatiful deep pink fuchsias. The back of the skirt has a centre layered panel which forms a wonderful waterfall effect for the train of the dress.