Studio Courses at Couture Charlee Studios in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. Design courses, sewing courses and pattern cutting courses.

Come and have fun while you are learning - don't worry, be happy and enjoy your course.

Choose from a wide variety of courses which are all flexible and affordable.

Design courses

  • In a nutshell half a day courses
  • Embroidery design
  • Fabric design, drawing and painting on fabric
  • Influence of history on fashion design
  • Snapshot 1 day courses
  • The Basic Principles of design and how to use them
  • How to redesign your wardrobe
  • The basic principles of fabrics and notions - their uses within design
  • Design your own lingerie
  • See below for the Connoisseur 3 day courses

Pattern cutting courses

  • In a nutshell half day courses
  • Tracing off from your favourite garment
  • Understanding your commercial pattern -
  • Seam allowance, grain line and the bias of the fabric
  • Snap shot courses
  • Pattern cutting - taster day - skirt block to toile-to design and cut
  • Perfect fit - taking measurements correctly, how to do fittings and toiles and why
  • How to adapt your commercial pattern
  • How to cut a garment from a garment in your wardrobe
  • Pattern cut a kimono block for a Kimono jacket or dressing gown
  • Complete a pattern from your own design
  • See below for the Connoisseur 3 day courses

Sewing courses

  • In a nutshell half a day courses
  • How to use your overlocker
  • How to use your sewing machine
  • Sewing equipment and how to use it
  • Snapshot 1 day courses
  • Alterations and revitalize your wardrobe
  • Pockets, zips, button holes and fastenings
  • Collars, cuffs, darts, and curved seams
  • Sewing from a commercial pattern for beginners
  • See below for the Connoisseur 3 day courses

About our courses

All of our courses are graded by the following classification.
Beginners-These courses are suitable for people who have had no experiences with design, pattern cutting or sewing or have had a little dabble with them and need to be given guidence which in turn will give you confidence to achieve what you would like to achieve.
Intermediate-These courses are suitable for people who have had experience with design, pattern cutting or sewing but need to improve their skills to give them confidence to achieve beautiful garments.
Advanced-These courses are suitable for graduates or people who have had training within design, pattern cutting and sewing but would like to achieve an exquisite garment of their choice. These courses are are also only run over a minimum of a three day period.
 Connoisseur 3 day courses
On the first morning you will design your own choice of garment depending on which course you choose.
Pattern cutting
Over the next day and a half you will create the pattern for your design and then go on to make a toile and do a fitting. Then you will cut out your design ready to sew.
On the last day you will sew your design and complete it as far as you are able too .
  • Design, pattern cut and sew your own Chanel style jacket
  • Design, pattern cut and sew  your own basque
  • Design, pattern cut and sew your own evening gown
  • Design, pattern cut and sew your own lingerie

What you need to bring?

All equipment is suppied by us.

I will provide you with all the equipment you will need for any one of the categories of course available to you. This includes the smaller equipment like pins, scissors etc. The paper for pattern cutting is also included in the price and the samples of fabrics and any art equipment you may need for the design category.
You will however have to provide your own fabrics, patterns and notions on certain courses but this will be written in the course description and in the welcome pack you will receive from us, you can contact me to ask advice before  attending the course, if you so require.
Design, pattern cut and then sew your own design.
Come and have a wonderful time doing what you love the most!
Design is the foundation of creating a haute couture garment from the creation you have in your mind to wearing that design and looking in a mirror.  I know you will be saying what most people  tell me, that they can't design, but the truth is everyone can design if they learn and enjoy the basic principles. Please press the button below to choose and book one of our courses.
Pattern cutting is a wonderful skill to have because you can create any design you choose to. It also gives you a set of skills that give you an  understanding of how your garment goes together and more importantly why it goes together in a particular way. Please press the button below to choose and book one of our courses.
Sewing skills can be used in many different formats like garments made of both woven and stretch fabrics, Upholstery, curtains, blinds, tailoring and haute couture. You can learn basic skills and progress to the more advanced courses.  So long as you enjoy what you are doing you will achieve your goals. Please press the button below to choose and book one of our courses.