Upholstery Courses

Upholstery courses

Last summer I decided to make new gazebo covers and a new set of cushion covers for the outdoor furniture. I have since been asked if I would consider doing upholstery courses. So I have decided to do some upholstery courses soon so keep and eye out as I will be releasing dates soon.

Mo's conservatory suite cushion covers

Mo is one of my regular sewing students who comes to my sew and chat groups on Monday, she didn't want to make clothes because she said she has got all the clothes she needs. So I suggested making something for her home. She said she would like some new cushion covers for her conservatory suite but thought she wouldn't be able to make them. I said of course you can we will work together. These pictures prove she is more than capable of making wonderful covers for her furniture. She has now made five of the eight covers only three to go.
Sew a simple scatter cushion
You will cut out and make a simple scatter cushion from one of my simple scatter cushion patterns.
Re-cover a dining chair
Have you got some dining chairs that need to be re-covered then come along to one of our courses and learn how to re-cover one of them. This will then give you the skills neeeded to go home and re-cover the other ones you have.
Sew a simple scatter cushion
Make voile drapes for your conservatory
You will cut out and make a simple scatter cushion from one of my simple scatter cushion patterns. This course will cover how to take your measurements correctly and how to know how much fabric to buy, there will be simple instructions for you to follow and I will be there to guide you through the hole process from cutting out the scatter cushion in the fabric of your choice I will let you know what fabric you should choose from and how much to bring with you. It will also teach you the process of piping and sewing in a zip whilst you go through to the finishing your scatter cushion. All of our courses are run on a maximum of a 4 to 1 ratio or a 2 to 1 ratio which means 4 students to one tutor or two students to one tutor.vvv
Do you have problems with the sun in your conservatory then come along and make some beautiful voile drapes for it. It costs a fraction of the price of a set of blinds but is just as effective.
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Why not come along and try some different types of upholstery courses ?

Upholstery courses coming soon!

There will be a number of upholstery courses coming to our website soon although there is a one day Snapshot course called sew a simple scatter cushion running on 29th March 2018. Hurry though because there are only Four spaces.
You can re-upholster a dining room chair or make loose covers for your sofa, you can also make beautiful drapes for your conservatory or if you are reall brave you make a new cover for your gazebo.
So keep your eyes peeled on our website as these types of courses will be listed soon.